The goal of AO


When the atlas bone in your neck is misaligned, it causes an imbalance throughout your body. Atlas Orthogonal (AO) works by gently realigning this vertebra. Because the atlas is so small and delicate, any work on it needs to be extremely precise and careful.


A carefully measured approach


AO uses accurate technology such as X-rays to determine the exact relationship between your skull, atlas, and cervical spine. This degree of misalignment is programmed into the Atlas orthogonal percussion instrument to provide a healing experience, meticulously tailored to your specific measurements. During treatment, the device delivers a wave similar to an ultra-sound pulse, gently moving your atlas back to its original position. With the stress of misalignment removed, your pain and discomfort quickly disappear.


Dramatic results


The AO adjustment is usually quick and simple, delivering much needed relief without painful manipulation. Your AO doctor will create a professional treatment course so you know exactly how long it will take.

After treatment, you'll be equipped with a recovery exercise plan to help you enjoy long term wellness.


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