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Complete wellbeing


At Kreager Chiropractic our fundamental concern is getting to the root cause of health problems, rather than treating symptoms. Our Atlas Orthogonal (AO) work centers on what we call the pillar of life – the spinal column – a vital part of the body that directly affects its whole wellbeing.


No pain. Plenty of gain.


First and foremost we believe in doing no harm. Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is an extremely gentle procedure because it mainly works on the atlas – a small and delicate bone. We avoid painful manipulation and instead use a table-mounted instrument to send a gentle, percussive, sound wave into the top vertebra called the Atlas to correct spinal misalignment.


Precision and accuracy.


It’s important to us that our treatments involve no guesswork at all. That’s why we conduct detailed physical and X-ray examinations, using specialized templates to calculate the precise pressure and angle of adjustment for your atlas.


Greater value. Superior service.


We’re dedicated to helping our patients experience faster relief from pain and better overall health. We strive to achieve this in as few sessions as possible, which means you spend less money. With these benefits, we also try to make your visits to Kreager Chiropractic more convenient and less painless all round.

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