Interested in getting a Nutrition program created just for you?

Have you been tested properly to know which diet you should follow and what supplements are right for you?


Whether you are 2 or 102, experiencing life is best when you are healthy.

Are you healthy enough to experience and enjoy everything that life has to offer? Beginning with a comprehensive blood test, Dr. Kreager will  perform an in-depth analysis of your total system. Problem areas are identified and carefully documented so that proactive measure may be taken to attain optimal health.


A complete Nutritional Blood Analysis will determine:


  • How healthy you really are
  • What problems are just beginning
  • What diseases you have
  • What dietary and lifestyle changes you should make
  • If the supplements you are taking are working


Starting with a consultatin, the Doctor will determine the testing that should be done.  Using bloodwork and other diagnostic tools, an in-dept analysis of your body function will be performed.  The testing will show where the problem areas are occuring or just developing.  Your detailed report will explain your test findings, as well as the nutrient and dietary recommendation based upon your test results.


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