Caring for your Brain-to-body connection


Your spine is vital to your health and well-being – its misalignment can lead to a number of related health problems ranging from constant headaches to chronic spinal decay.


The vital atlas bone


In the early 1900s Dr B J Palmer discovered that the atlas bone, at the top of your spine, is responsible for both the position of your head and the resulting alignment of your spine. Atlas Orthogonal is the treatment of the spine with specific attention to this vital atlas vertebrae.


Painless transformation


It was revolutionised in 1982 by eminent spine specialist Dr Roy Sweat. Unlike conventional adjustments – which requires painful manipulation and pressure applied by doctors' hands – AO adjusts the atlas bone with a percussive soundwave instrument. It is safe and painless.



An innovation in healthcare


Every year around the world, millions of people benefit from the gentle, natural healing of AO. It is now taught at five US Chiropractic Colleges, and practised in six countries and more than 600 practices worldwide. Medical doctors, neurologists, podiatrists, endocrinologists, dentists and other chiropractors refer their patients to Atlas Orthognists.


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