Customised care


At your initial examination your Atlas Orthogonist (AO) will want to find out as much as possible about you and your lifestyle so we can plan a personalised course of therapy. The length of the course will depend on how long you have suffered from abnormal conditions and how severe they have been.




Examining your case history will include understanding your symptoms and when they first appeared – perhaps an unusual activity, a fall or a seemingly-minor accident might have triggered the pain. Other related health problems – headaches, pains in the arms, shoulders, lower back, legs or buttocks – could be pointing to a misalignment in the cervical spine.




Next, your Atlas Orthogonal doctor will perform a series of tests to track the cause of your pain – this will include X-rays and a physical examination. Using specially designed instruments, we will detect and measure the precise nature of your atlas misalignment, establishing the exact adjustment needed to correct it.

After this initial analysis, your AO Doctor will go over the findings with you, explaining your recommended course of treatment and what you can do to improve.


The treatment


Each appointment is five to 10 minutes long. In these sessions, your specialist will use the AO instrument to adjust your atlas and relieve the pressure on your nerves.


A gentle change


Patients who have been to other doctors before often expect forceful manipulation or even invasive procedures. In contrast, the AO method applies safe and painless percussive soundwaves to begin the restoration of the spine's natural balance. As your body heals you should soon experience signs of recovery.


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